Testimonials about impact

Abdalla - Institute for Children at risk

My name is Abdalla Azzt. I am 9 and a half years old.

A few years ago I  was not a good man, I didn’t love anyone, I also was saying bad things, I lived for a long time on the streets when I came to the I the Egyptian foundation. I found good people and I have learned everything. I wish I could have a good house and a good car. I can be a good husband. I wish I can be a good police man. I wish I can love everyone here and I’m thankful for everything you made possible for me. When I was young I was so nosy and I was living on the street with my mother and sometimes I was sleeping on the street, it was really very cold but when I came here, I came to good people (like Mane and Paulo) I love everybody. I love all my friends.  I want my mama to have a good house and to not say any bad words and to pray to the lord and when she is going to die she is going to be with God. Stay in the house to pray all the time every day and God bless her too much and my brother and bless them too much and they will have also a good house and also will have a good wife and they can do everything good BLESSINGS TO ALL MY FAMILY AND KEEP THEM FROM ANY EVIL and everything is going to be good for them.


Samah - Institute for children at risk

Samah is 6 years old, her mother was kicked out of the house by her mother and Samah cannot remember ever not being on the street. When her mother was arrested, she would stay on the street on her own.
“I didn’t like the street because people used to shout at me and shout at my mother. I used to swear and do bad things that I can’t talk about. I stopped doing that and stopped playing with people on the street. Here, I learned to write and draw, and I tidy up the room and the table [after eating]. But I am only partly happy because I love my mother and she hasn’t come to see me.” (Several appointments were arranged for Samah’s mother to come and visit, but she never came.)

Abd El Rahman - Vocational training

Abd El Rahman is 14 and he comes at the top of the I the Egyptian trainees for his dedication, engagement and willingness to learn. He trained in both Stewarding  (team member restaurant) and the pastry kitchen section where he succeeded in building excellent rapport with the hotel staff and was praised for his performance by the Department Heads of both departments.

Adb El Rahman bought some decorations from his own pocket money and fixed them in the team member restaurant in participation and celebration of the holy month of Ramadan. The Executive Chef advised that he could sponsor a 9 month professional training for Abd El Rahman in the Pastry  section for he is ‘brilliant’ and always goes the extra mile.  Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort

Fatem Abdou - Micro-loans

Fatem Abdou is married, has 5 family members, and has taken 3 loans to date.

Life is a strange circle. As the common saying says it’s a mill and we’re going round and round with it. Our ancestors told us that the lady should be a strong shoulder for her husband and she has to support him.

I’m as many others in my country; my husband works as a cement construction worker. He works one day and stays home for 10 as it is difficult to find a job as a day worker. The living conditions are hard,  he’s doing his best. As for me, I began to buy soap and shampoo to sell to the neighbors. Bit by bit things started to run and I was hoping to improve my work so I told my husband about the loans that women do at I The Egyptian foundation. I told him we can take the loan, and rent the shop next door to open it as a call center, praying God to help us for the sake of our children. I took the chance and made a 500LE loan.

We paid the shop rent from the loan and agreed with someone to get us cell phone credit charging cards. We pay him after we sell the cards. Things are improving for us and we began to get better conditions.

The call center, selling soap and shampoo, and my husband’s work made our living conditions better.

We paid the first loan and took another one for 750LE. Afterwards we bought 3 Chinese cell phones to sell. We saved that money, and continued saving the money in order to increase the number of the cell phones and also selling the cell phones accessories. It brings good profits.

In the beginning, I couldn’t get employed anywhere because I can barely read or write. Things went on and I paid the second loan and took a third one for 1000LE.

My husband and I would like to find another small shop to rent in order to develop our project and raise our 3 children. My daughter is in preparatory school and my two sons are in primary school.

This is my story, I’m Fatem Abdou, also known as Om Asmaa / Asmaa’s mother.

Hoda, Rabab, Asma, and Ahmed - Institute for children at risk

The entire family (aged between 5 and 13) was in the street with the father and mother. The father barbecued corn and the family would sit on the sidewalk and beg. When the father is imprisoned, they have to go around and beg. Their uncle used to beat them to get their money and once broke one of the older girls’ arms. He has also sexually abused one of the younger girls.
“I am happy that I help tidy up and do household chores. Although I am punished here [stand in the corner], it is to learn proper behavior. I have learned nice songs here.” (Hoda)
“I am happy because I started to write ABC and can write up to 16!” (Ahmed)
“I am happy because I eat well and sleep on a bed. Before I came here I used to swear and do bad things. I learned not to swear or shout.” (Rabab)
“Here I learned not to swear and hit people.” (Asma)

Afaf Muhei El Dein - Micro-loans

Afaf is a widow, has 7 family members, and has taken 3 loans to date.

Afaf Muhei El Dein (also known as Om Walaa / Walaa’s mother) is 56 years old. She owns a bakery where she sells bread, pies, pastas, biscuits, Makhrota, and couscous .

Afaf started her very small project at home with a small oven made of clay. After her husband passed away, she was the only one who could change her family’s limited income. She didn’t allow any of her 5 children to drop out school to help support the family by getting a job. Instead, she learned the skill of baking from her neighbor who used to bake at one of the bakeries. Afaf insisted to learn each step in detail in order to learn the job well. She started her project in 1995, received her first 500LE loan from I The Egyptian in 2010 and now she is paying back her 1100LE loan.

Afaf’s age didn’t stop her from developing her home baking project into a real bakery with a gas oven in front of her house. She even added other types of products such as sweets. In addition to all that, she bought a shop in which she sells her products in the neighborhood. Afaf introduced the first bakery to her neighborhood and she also taught some of her neighbors how to bake. Afaf aspires to serve wedding cookies one day and to open another shop in a different area to be able to serve more customers.

Afaf was never late for the payment date. She and her group are very serious and committed. Afaf’s project development reflected on her family’s living conditions. She was able to move from a one room house to a bigger one with 2 floors. The ground floor is her bakery. In addition to her business success,  4 of Afaf’s children finished their preparatory school certificate and her youngest is at the primary school. She also helped 2 of her daughters and one of her sons with their marriage expenses and furnishing their houses. Currently one of her daughters is helping her at the bakery beside having her own project.