Soap for Hope

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I the Egyptian is proud to be the Egyptian partner of Sealed Air in the ‘Soap for hope’ program which allows used soaps to be recycled and used by poor communities. Around the world many used hotel soaps are thrown away after guests check out. Simultaneously children and poor families have to cope with diseases because of poor hygiene and regular access to  cheap soap would make those families less prone to illnesses such as diarrhoea and pneumonia.

Throughout the month of October the youngsters learned how to recycle the used soaps with the soap press and how to make pretty looking new soaps which can then be used in informal settlement areas or sold by the ladies in the micro-finance program to their surroundings.

Being inspired by what they were learning about recycling, the youngsters wanted to find a suitable packaging for their new soaps and they came up with the idea of producing a recycled packaging made in the Institute from A to Z by the youngsters. The result looks amazing, hope you agree.

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