February update from I the Egyptian

Categories:Children in the street, True stories

Community schoolI’m 12 years old and my father has died years ago I didn’t know my family members since then I lived at the street. I came to the foundation and I’m happy being at the community school. My teachers love me very much.




Dancing with sticks trainingI had lots of problems with my family which made me escaped to street then to  different foundations. Currently, I live in this foundation having fun in dancing with stick team. I learned how to be proper during the training lessons so people enjoy our team performance and be happy.



LoamingI’m 15 years old I came here two years ago. I spent much time at street because I suffered with my family daily problems I worked at street for long time. I learned how to loam and I will earn money in future from loaming. I play football and will travel to Street Children World Cup I’m student at the community school.

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