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Welcoming visitors to our building

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Today we had a fun and inspirational day whilst we welcomed 2 Pastry Chefs and the Hilton Blue Energy team to our buildings. One Pastry Chef came from the nearby Hilton Cairo Pyramids resort and he brought a colleague Pastry Chef from Belgium, a celebrated cake maker and chocolatier and in turns we spent time with them […]

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In summer time …

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Throughout the summer, the I the Egyptian youngsters from the 6th of October Institute immersed themselves in various workshops including reading and educational sessions in ‘The Library’ , Theatre classes, Handicraft specializations, Folkloric dance workshop (learning Tahtib), makings masks, sewing and embellishing clothes, Montessori class, and social skills workshop supported by watching and discussing documentaries. It is incredible to see […]

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Youssef full time employed!

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 The “I The Egyptian” foundation and Hilton Pyramids Golf have been partnering for years to provide opportunities to the youngsters in the Children at Risk institute in 6th of October city through vocational training in some of the hotel’s departments to help the youngsters integrate in society, have a positive mind-set and become an effective member in […]

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Eid celebrations at the 6th of October institute

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 From puppet shows, engaging in games, watching movies at Dream Land cinema, helping the staff with cooking a big festive meal, visiting the Mall of Arabia, the program of the Eid celebrations lasted all day long from the moment the children woke up until bedtime. They really enjoyed the festivities as you can see in the pictures.

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