Welcoming visitors to our building

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Working with the ChefMarzipan workshopToday we had a fun and inspirational day whilst we welcomed 2 Pastry Chefs and the Hilton Blue Energy team to our buildings.
One Pastry Chef came from the nearby Hilton Cairo Pyramids resort and he brought a colleague Pastry Chef from Belgium, a celebrated cake maker and chocolatier and in turns we spent time with them learning how to make shapes and creations in marzipan (almond paste). We had so much fun making ‘cakes’ and were delighted to find out that this ‘dough’ didn’t even need cooking, we could eat it as soon as we finished our master piece.I the Egyptian award
There was also a group who demonstrated the “Soap for Hope” soap recycling project, we demonstrated our skill and showcased how we continue to enhance the recycled soap end-product by adding colours and different scents.
After finishing the workshops it was time to have some fun with our visitors with a quick Zumba dance and a visit to the mini club. To wrap up the day we presented an award to the Hilton team to thank them for their ongoing efforts and support.

In summer time …

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Throughout the summer, the I the Egyptian youngsters from the 6th of October Institute immersed themselves in various workshops including reading and educational sessions in ‘The Library’ , Theatre classes, Handicraft specializations, Folkloric dance workshop (learning Tahtib), makings masks, sewing and embellishing clothes, Montessori class, and social skills workshop supported by watching and discussing documentaries.
It is incredible to see the beautiful items they produce, and it is touching to see the pride in their eyes whenever they could sell an item during the gallery week and earn ‘coins and cards’ to buy treats and toys for themselves.
As the saying confirms ‘time goes too fast when you’re having fun’ … how can it be September already?

Youssef full time employed!

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 The “I The Egyptian” foundation and Hilton Pyramids Golf have been partnering for years to provide opportunities to the youngsters in the Children at Youssef 2013Risk institute in 6th of October city through vocational training in some of the hotel’s departments to help theYoussef 2012 youngsters integrate in society, have a positive mind-set and become an effective member in the community.

Youssef was one of the youngsters in the vocational training program. He came to the hotel in 2012 as part of this project and received training in the Laundry department in 2012, in Housekeeping in 2013 and in the Kitchen in 2014 and he continuously showed skill and a passion to succeed.

Youssef 2014When Youssef first joined, in early 2012, one day Youssef told Ahmed Salama, the hotel’s GM, “My dream is to join Hilton as aYoussef 2015 Team Member”. After 3 years of summer training at Hilton Pyramids Golf and with the hotel team’s help, support and mentoring, Youssef became the first youngster from “I The Egyptian” to sign an employment contract with Hilton soon after his 18th birthday.

Youssef strongly believes that dreams do not come true by accident. Every bit of his dream was the result of deliberate and proactive intention. He wanted to improve his life and started to dream it & visualize it. Youssef first day as kitchen porterSoon through hard work and with his enthusiasm it became reality and Youssef was able to change his life. Youssef contractWe are SO proud of his accomplishments!


Eid celebrations at the 6th of October institute

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Puppet theatrePuppet theatrePuppet theatre
 From puppet shows, engaging in games, watching movies at Dream Land cinema, helping the staff with cooking a big festive meal, visiting the Mall of Arabia, the program of the Eid celebrations lasted all day long from the moment the children woke up until bedtime.
They really enjoyed the festivities as you can see in the pictures.
GamesCooking festive mealCooking festive meal

Vocational training with partner Hilton Cairo Pyramids Golf


Vocational training in the kitchen Vocational training in the kitchen     By now an annual tradition, 9 of our youngsters have started a vocational training at Hilton Cairo Pyramids Golf Resort for a duration of 6 months. The aim of this collaboration is to create opportunities for tour youngsters as they go through a condensed training program in different departments i.e. Housekeeping, Engineering, Laundry, Gardening & Stewarding. Vocational training in the kitchenThis provides them Vocational training - gardeningwith the required work experience, mentoring, coaching to change their lives and their future for ever more.

Come discover our handicrafts


Proudly presenting some of the handicrafts made by the youngsters of I the Egyptian.Handicraft 3Handicraft 2 Handicraft

Exhibiting and selling our handicraft and art pieces

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Inner wheel gallery sale Inner wheel gallery sale I The Egyptian foundation participated at the annual fair for selling the handicraft and arts products. The products gained the interest and admiration of all those attending … what a proud moment for the children!

We answered plenty of questions about the foundation, the services provided for the children, and our partners.Inner wheel gallery sale

Working with bamboo

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Bamboo Workshop Bamboo workshopAs part of the vocational training, a weekly bamboo workshop has been established at the Children at Risk institute in 6th of October city. We have set up a schedule to ensure everyone gets the opportunity to learn how to make new bamboo articles like bread baskets and vases. Some of the children even know how to make chairs and everyone will learn how to make tables as well in the future.

The results are really remarkable and the items are sold so the children have extra pocket money to enjoy something extra …Bamboo workshop

Day out in Giza Zoo


Zoo 2 During the month of February the children visited Giza Zoo.

Being out in the greenery, seeing animals they had never seen before, even petting some of the animals in the petting zoo … it was a great day and the children came back thrilled with the experience and their heads filled with great memories!

How a visit to the Cairo International Book Fair inspired an on-site library

Cairo International Book Fair visit

Meeting different authors

Cairo International Book Fair visit

Meeting favorite children’s books characters

The Cairo International Book Fair at the Nasr City fairgrounds is a well-known event and draws over 1 million visitors annually. This year, early February, the children of I the Egyptian were VERY excited to visit the fair as they were invited to discover the children’s section and select 2 books they wanted to buy.

Seeing the large selection of books bought by the children, the children and the social workers came up with the idea to put together a library. Very soon their wish became reality and a library with books for all ages and games to develop the children’s skills was established. Even the youngest, the children from the nursery, can visit and find a book or game.Cairo International Book Fair visit

One of the boys from the youth section was appointed as the librarian and he runs the library under the supervision of the library staff. In the morning all children from the Community school* have access, in the afternoon the children of the government school.

*: A Community School is a school under the supervision of the Ministry of Education which accepts school drop-outs in the age range of 8 to 14 years. The children who graduate from these schools after taking the primary certificate exam are then allowed into the regular school system in preparatory stage.

Visit from Brazilian Third Investment team

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Over the years a strong partnership has developed between the Brazil-based Third Investment and I the Egyptian. During a visit from the BrazilianWall Painting Marceilo Eco bird team late 2014 the team held a dental workshop. The children learned how to look after their teeth as puppets showed how important it is to look after your teeth using toothbrush and toothpaste.

The Brazilian artist Marceilo Eco, a famous Brazilian graffiti artist, painted some of the walls at the nursery hall and also added the institute logo in both languages.

The Brazilian team also brought 7 bicycles, a speed ball, and a mini-football table game. The kids loved every minute of the visit ad couldn’t be more proud of their newly painted walls.  


Soap for Hope

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I the Egyptian is proud to be the Egyptian partner of Sealed Air in the ‘Soap for hope’ program which allows used soaps to be recycled and used by poor communities. Around the world many used hotel soaps are thrown away after guests check out. Simultaneously children and poor families have to cope with diseases because of poor hygiene and regular access to  cheap soap would make those families less prone to illnesses such as diarrhoea and pneumonia.

Throughout the month of October the youngsters learned how to recycle the used soaps with the soap press and how to make pretty looking new soaps which can then be used in informal settlement areas or sold by the ladies in the micro-finance program to their surroundings.

Being inspired by what they were learning about recycling, the youngsters wanted to find a suitable packaging for their new soaps and they came up with the idea of producing a recycled packaging made in the Institute from A to Z by the youngsters. The result looks amazing, hope you agree.

Summer camp … learning where my boundaries are


The second group of children; 45 children had the summer camp at the Rock house at El Obour. The objective of the camp was for the child to discover his skills and abilities, and his ability handle stress, cooperation, participation, and affecting the others.

The aim of the camp is for the youngsters to discover their abilities and skills, to be able to cope with difficulties, and learn how to cooperate and participate in a group setting.

Swimming classes for our youngsters


Swim classA group of children attends a swimming training at 6th of October youth center under the umbrella of discovering the children’s skills and abilities through the summer program.

Celebrating the end of the school year in the I the Egyptian Community school


A ceremony was held to celebrate the successful school year of the community school and honorary students received prizes for their outstanding achievements.

Travel with Purpose Action Grant from Hilton Worldwide

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Hilton Worldwide just awarded the ‘I the Egyptian’ Foundation and Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort a Travel with Purpose action grant.

This action grant program is  designed to recognize and support the excellent work that is done by hotels in the local communities, and to accelerate the impact of the Hilton Worldwide global corporate responsibility strategy around the world.

To connect young people to the resources they need to develop their full potential and to connect young entrepreneurs to the Hilton Worldwide supply chain, Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort is setting up  a partnership with the vocational training part of “I the Egyptian” and the teams from Food & Beverage, marketing and sales will deliver training to the young people to teach them the skills to make, market and sell the bread they will make in their bakery, in the local community. The procurement and Food & Beverage teams will work together to support the vocational training by buying back bread to serve in the hotel operations.

Serving the elderly in our community


A group of children, accompanied by the I the Egyptian team, spent the day serving the elderly in our community. The expenses which were needed for the day were provided by the youngsters of I the Egyptian, as every youngster wanted to contribute a little from their pocket money to make the day into a giant success. The children brought lunch to the elderly and gave towels with the I the Egyptian logo as farewell gifts. The youngsters also gave a hand in small chores the elderly did not have the strength for anymore, needless to say it was a very proud moment for everyone involved.

Feedback from our participation to the Street Children World Cup March 27th – April 9th 2014

Nine Egyptian children represented Egypt at the Street Children World Cup, four of them were from the ‘I The Egyptian’ Foundation; in total 25 other countries participated. The Foundation and the children prepared themselves thoroughly to attend this competition and the events around it.

The soccer training started early 2013 when Coach Kareem Hosny – the soccer coach at the American University in Cairo – volunteered to train 18 children from the ‘I The Egyptian’ Foundation at the Beverly Hills club twice a week. As of November 2013, the training continued excusively for those who were selected to travel to Brazil: Abdullah Ezzat, Yusseif Yussry, Khalid Mohamed, and Adham Khalid. Some of the trainings included children from other Foundations such as Face foundation, and HopeVillage in order to prepare all of them to participate in the Street Children World Cup in Brazil, in March 2014

2 children joined the trip to represent the folkloric art team of the ‘I The Egyptian’ Foundation to give a folkloric performance in Brazil:  Samah Magdy Hussein and Shrouk Ahmed Mahmoud.

As part of the preparations there were discussion sessions and advocacy workshops for the children to gain the community support for the case of children at risk and to help the children drive home their argument of changing the Street Children’s World Cup’s name as they felt it mistakingly refers to Street Children as they have all found a safe haven before joining the Cup.

During their trip to Brazil, the children also did some sight seeing such as visiting the Christ statue, the Brazilian official stadium, and some famous malls; visited some slums in Rio, attended an artistic workshop for drawing, coloring, and handycrafts, and met with the Brazilian soccer player Pepito who participated at the world cup in the 90s, as he visited the team to encourage the children.

As part of the trip the accompanying staff and Board Members of the ‘I the Egyptian’ Foundation and partners from the foundation ‘Third investment’ visited the Foundation run by the Brazilian soccer player Juninho. He explained to the group the vision of the academy which is based on providing education and training in sports and arts for children from poor backgrounds.

This trip was an unforgettable experience for all of the people involved,  it helped grow the self-esteem of the participants, and the participation in such an important tournament made the other children in the Foundation very proud!

Australian Embassy grant

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We received great news from our partners at the Australian embassy and are very thankful for their continued support!

The ‘I the Egyptian’ Foundation was awarded a significant grant to continue working on improving the standard of living for people on low income through the program of direct aid of the Australian embassy. The project aims to improve the standard of the health and the educational level of 200 individuals on low income in Mataria, Embaba, Omrania, and Dar El-Salam.

The project runs from May 1st, 2014 to April 30th, 2015 by focusing on three main areas: health, education, and social through the several activities such as

  • Anemia treatment campaigns for 200 individuals
  • Ophthalmology treatment for 200 individuals
  • paying the school fees and uniforms for 200 students
  • providing illiteracy classes for 200 individuals
  • issuing identification papers (birth certificates or IDs) for 200 individuals

February update from I the Egyptian

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Community schoolI’m 12 years old and my father has died years ago I didn’t know my family members since then I lived at the street. I came to the foundation and I’m happy being at the community school. My teachers love me very much.




Dancing with sticks trainingI had lots of problems with my family which made me escaped to street then to  different foundations. Currently, I live in this foundation having fun in dancing with stick team. I learned how to be proper during the training lessons so people enjoy our team performance and be happy.



LoamingI’m 15 years old I came here two years ago. I spent much time at street because I suffered with my family daily problems I worked at street for long time. I learned how to loam and I will earn money in future from loaming. I play football and will travel to Street Children World Cup I’m student at the community school.

Street child World Cup Soccer 2014

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I the Egyptian foundation is participating with a team in the 2014 Street Child World Cup. Needless to say the children on the team are getting extremely excited!

 Preparation World Cup soccer for children in the streets 2014

Ahead of each FIFA World Cup, the Street Child World Cup unites street children from across five continents to play football and to join in a unique international conference. Together through football, art and campaigning we aim to challenge the negative perceptions and treatment of street children around the world.

On March 28th, 2014 the 10-day tournament and conference will kick off in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.