Australian Embassy grant

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We received great news from our partners at the Australian embassy and are very thankful for their continued support!

The ‘I the Egyptian’ Foundation was awarded a significant grant to continue working on improving the standard of living for people on low income through the program of direct aid of the Australian embassy. The project aims to improve the standard of the health and the educational level of 200 individuals on low income in Mataria, Embaba, Omrania, and Dar El-Salam.

The project runs from May 1st, 2014 to April 30th, 2015 by focusing on three main areas: health, education, and social through the several activities such as

  • Anemia treatment campaigns for 200 individuals
  • Ophthalmology treatment for 200 individuals
  • paying the school fees and uniforms for 200 students
  • providing illiteracy classes for 200 individuals
  • issuing identification papers (birth certificates or IDs) for 200 individuals

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