Welcoming visitors to our building

Categories:6th of October institute, Partners, Soap for Hope
Working with the ChefMarzipan workshopToday we had a fun and inspirational day whilst we welcomed 2 Pastry Chefs and the Hilton Blue Energy team to our buildings.
One Pastry Chef came from the nearby Hilton Cairo Pyramids resort and he brought a colleague Pastry Chef from Belgium, a celebrated cake maker and chocolatier and in turns we spent time with them learning how to make shapes and creations in marzipan (almond paste). We had so much fun making ‘cakes’ and were delighted to find out that this ‘dough’ didn’t even need cooking, we could eat it as soon as we finished our master piece.I the Egyptian award
There was also a group who demonstrated the “Soap for Hope” soap recycling project, we demonstrated our skill and showcased how we continue to enhance the recycled soap end-product by adding colours and different scents.
After finishing the workshops it was time to have some fun with our visitors with a quick Zumba dance and a visit to the mini club. To wrap up the day we presented an award to the Hilton team to thank them for their ongoing efforts and support.

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