How a visit to the Cairo International Book Fair inspired an on-site library

Cairo International Book Fair visit

Meeting different authors

Cairo International Book Fair visit

Meeting favorite children’s books characters

The Cairo International Book Fair at the Nasr City fairgrounds is a well-known event and draws over 1 million visitors annually. This year, early February, the children of I the Egyptian were VERY excited to visit the fair as they were invited to discover the children’s section and select 2 books they wanted to buy.

Seeing the large selection of books bought by the children, the children and the social workers came up with the idea to put together a library. Very soon their wish became reality and a library with books for all ages and games to develop the children’s skills was established. Even the youngest, the children from the nursery, can visit and find a book or game.Cairo International Book Fair visit

One of the boys from the youth section was appointed as the librarian and he runs the library under the supervision of the library staff. In the morning all children from the Community school* have access, in the afternoon the children of the government school.

*: A Community School is a school under the supervision of the Ministry of Education which accepts school drop-outs in the age range of 8 to 14 years. The children who graduate from these schools after taking the primary certificate exam are then allowed into the regular school system in preparatory stage.

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